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Jones Road Tree Service are HOA Tree Specialists and manages tree care services for homeowners associations and other residential communities including condominium associations, apartment complexes and property management companies.

Managing the tree and shrub assets for an entire community requires expertise in broad level tree maintenance  and a firm grasp of tree inventory management. Jones Road Tree Service has extensive experience in these areas and has established successful and lasting relationships with HOAs in the greater Houston area.

Our HOA tree specialists begin with establishing a tree inventory and developing a tree management plan around the goals of the association in preserving and expanding the tree and shrub assets over the long term.  Jones Road Tree Service specializes in developing highly sustainable management plans that meet reasonable budget objectives. A well planned and properly executed tree management program allows the association to make informed decisions that protects the value of the group’s tree investment.

Services for HOA’s include tree pruning and maintenance, tree removals, new tree planting and scheduled inspections by our arborist.  Jones Road Tree Service also provides tree preservation services for mature trees and tree health care as needed depending on seasonal issues or special circumstances pertaining to the association’s trees.

For more information on hiring an association specialist to mange your trees, please contact Jones Road Tree Service today by filling out our online Tree Services form or call us at 281-469-0458.

HOA Tree Specialists

Ask an ISA Certified Arborist

Not sure is a tree is healthy or needs care? Wondering if a tree poses a risk or should be removed? All of these questions and many others can be answered by our arborist, who understands tree health and the needs of various assessments.