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Proactive vs. Reactive Tree Care

The arborist team at Jones Road Tree Service recommends a proactive management plan to help our clients manage their part of the urban forest. We have found that most people are reactive when it comes to tree care solutions, waiting to call on a tree company until it is often too late. Ultimately, this approach results in increased numbers of tree removals, which negatively affects our environment. A proactive, or preventative, strategy involving annual arborist site visits, multi-year pruning plans to keep trees healthy and safe, fertilization and chemical treatment plans (if necessary) helps ensure that our urban forest remains healthy and viable for future generations.

Jones Road Tree Service provides professional tree care solutions including residential, commercial, homeowners association (HOA), and arborist services throughout the greater Houston area. As a full service tree care provider, our experience and expertise allow us to bundle services as finely tailored solutions unique to different groups of customers. Please review each of the sections below to learn more about our tree care solutions and how we can work for you.

Commercial Tree Care Services

Professional tree care services for commercial properties in the greater Houston area. Learn More »

HOA Specialists

Managed tree care services for homeowners associations and other residential communities including condominium associations, apartment complexes and property management firms. Learn More »

Certified Arborist For Tree Care Solutions

Jones Road Tree Service has an ISA certified arborist on staff trained and equipped to safely perform residential and commercial tree care services. Learn More »

Residential Services

From tree pruning to tree removal and emergency care, our arborists are professionally trained to properly maintain your trees in accordance with ANSI tree care and safety standards. Learn More »

Tree Care Solutions
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Ask an ISA Certified Arborist

Not sure is a tree is healthy or needs care? Wondering if a tree poses a risk or should be removed? All of these questions and many others can be answered by our arborist, who understands tree health and the needs of various assessments.